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Help Build a Clinic for 35K people in Dondon Haiti

Your contributions help us provide opportunities for Haitians to create their own paths and overcome barriers to success!

$11,234 raised

$250,000 goal


Healthcare infrastructure in Haiti is almost non-existent. In Dondon, Haitian Vision Foundation is changing that. We are a collaboration of dedicated Americans and Haitians already providing care in Dondon, despite the lack of a clinic, electricity or running water. Now, the town leaders have given us a challenge- they have given us 3 acres of land with the caveat that we build a quality clinic, and soon. The challenge is great, but working together we are on the verge of something special!


Healthcare is extremely limited in Haiti. Most people have little to no access to care. Where care is available most people are unable to afford the fees and medication expense. This leads to an increasing burden of chronic disease and disability, with a severe human cost and resultant loss of economic opportunity. While we currently provide healthcare in Dondon, our current efforts are severely hampered by the lack of infrastructure, such as running water, electricity and a permanent facility.


Quality medical care cannot be provided without appropriate facilities, equipment and supplies. Based on our prior work, the community has given us land to build a permanent clinic. We will have a clean, secure facility including a community potable water source, solar power and a backup generator. Perimeter fencing will provide security for equipment and supplies. Once completed this will greatly enhance our ability to provide quality care and enable us to expand our efforts in the community.

Long-Term Impact

Building healthcare infrastructure provides the basis for long-term improvement in health and wellbeing in Dondon, while providing jobs and economic growth. Electricity allows for x-rays, refrigeration for vaccines and insulin, and enables electronic consultation with international experts. An improved healthcare infrastructure will enable expanded chronic disease management, maternal & women's health, preventative services and sets the stage for the addition of emergency and other services.